About Us

Purrniture was never conceived as a small business opportunity. I, like many I have met, have never been inspired by cat furniture available in stores. Most cat furniture is poorly designed and poorly built, being too lightweight or too small for a cat to fully utilize. The product then sits dormant in a person’s house. Some cat furniture has already become loosened before being sold in a store. This is caused by many people each day giving the unit a “sturdy test”. Cat furniture that is impressive usually is more expensive than what can be justified to spend on it.

Those reasons motivated me to spend a weekend trying to build something big enough and interesting so my cats would actually enjoy it. My approach was simple: utilize existing wood products to keep the cost low, and think like a cat. Looking back, that post was quite primitive but my cats loved it and the price was right. Having enjoyed the process and being rewarded by happy and grateful cats, I set out to build others. For two years I had a hobby building cat furniture for myself and my cat friends.

The sole motivation in these designs is to accommodate the cat. Cat furniture must be given proper space and placed in the right spot to be used effectively. Most important is that it be placed in the room most frequented by you. It is also ideal to place it in front of a window. Following these guidelines will ensure that our products will be loved by your cat and appreciated by you.


Purrniture is built by Re-utilizing wood from the construction, manufacturing, and engineering industries.

It’s cat furniture with quality you can’t find any where else. Visit our brick and mortar location to see the designs
in 3D.


Our Purrniture is most successful when placed in the areas of your home where the family spends time. In front of a window is only a bonus to being in the best room first.

Our Catisfaction Guarantee states that you must keep your Purrniture for 30 days or MORE. If 30 to 45 days pass and your cats have not fallen for their Purrniture, we will accept it back. Customer is responsible for the return.

Please stop by our showroom to view all products!

2242 University Avenue West
St. Paul, MN 55114
(651) 642-1946

Open: Tuesday – Saturday 9PM- 5PM